Should Schools Use Technology for Work?

Samantha Burtch, Writer

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Schools are using technology for many different things in the learning environment. But are they going too far when they start assigning work that’s due online from at home?

Schools are expecting students to have the devices at home in order to get their work done. This causes trouble for some of the low income students, or just students who don’t have a computer in general. It’s pretty unfair for those kids, mostly when no class time is provided for the assignment. The online classroom due dates are outrageous when the class time should be provided, because if the student has a question, or something glitches and it doesn’t turn in, then they are completely burned. With the internet, nothing is promised. Students have to find time out of their lives after school.

The second problem is when a student is expected to get an assignment done at home, there is a huge chance that they will plagiarize. Since Google Classroom has been created online, the amount of plagiarized work has dramatically increased. In today’s day and age, you can’t trust a kid to bring home a test and to do it without them ‘googling’ or looking up the answers so they get an A. Just think about it, do you blame them? Sadly, you can’t trust anyone in this generation enough to give them this huge privilege. Whatever happened to actually having to study for a test, and taking it on paper?

On the other hand, doing the work online saves trees, and gives you more time to learn in the classroom, rather than do work. This way you can get more done so you know more for the homework later on. But this brings us back to my first issue: not every student has the proper devices to do their work at home. Unless the school can supply devices for each student who attends the school, they cannot expect you to have something you can’t afford. Although it might save some trees, using the computer can cause higher pollution, it causes problems with your eyes and brain for staring at a screen for too long, and causes your phone bill to shoot through the roof. Is a little more learning time really worth all this struggle?

There are many ways that this issue could be fixed. The first solution is not using Classroom to have assignments due out of school times, but using the Chromebooks at school to work on it during class. Another solution could be just to go back and go old school with tests on paper and workbooks during class hours. The third solution could be to supply all the students that cannot afford technology at their homes with computers or some type of tablet of their own. After all the solutions, many people still believe that online working still really isn’t worth it.