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Faith in Femininity

Lake Fenton students start non-profit organization

January 4, 2018

Lindsey Gibb

Lindsey Gibb

Women all over the world experience the same thing every month. Periods. They last anywhere from three to eight days and can cause a lot of discomfort. This discomfort includes nausea, headaches, backaches, severe cramps and that is not all. Women may experience blemishes on their face, serious bloating, and a lack of self confidence as well.

With this cycle that comes every month, women need to worry about the hygiene that comes with it. Tampons cost around $7 for a pack of thirty-six, and pads can cost $4-$7 depending on the quantity count.

Homeless women are not exempt from this hellish handful of days. Homeless women may find themselves using socks, toilet paper, paper towel, or nothing when it comes to their cycle. They will end up having to wash their clothes in public bathrooms because of the blood on their clothes, or getting bacterial infections due to inadequate supplies.

Lake Fenton High School students saw this happening and decided to take a stand, starting something that they hope will affect as many women as possible.

Lindsey Gibb and Waverly Ritchie started Faith in Femininity back in the fall. The idea started at their church, First Presbyterian of Fenton, and they say the organization has done very well so far.

“We are currently working on expanding our mission throughout the community, and in the future we hope to become a non-profit organization so that we can impact more women in more areas,” Gibb states. “We feel that these products are wrongly treated as a privilege, when in reality they should be a right that no woman should ever lack. Many women who can’t afford these products face situations of uncleanliness and uncomfort. In an ideal world, these products would be completely free and every woman would have access to them. However, that would be a hard goal to meet, so we at least hope that one day these products will no longer be taxed and as expensive as they are now.”

“On our first trip to Carriage Town Ministries in Flint, we delivered 107 bags of feminine products. We have recently packaged 181 more bags and are planning on delivering them soon to Carriage Town. We aren’t sure how many women have received bags, but we are aware of how appreciative many women have been to obtain the packages.”

These two women have had a drive to start this, simply because of their kindness and their caring for everyone. “…[we] knew that there are many homeless women in our area, and we knew that many of them are in difficult situations of unemployment and poverty.  Many of these women also do not have the means to obtain feminine products that are needed for their monthly cycle to be comfortable and manageable.  This simple, natural part of being a woman becomes something to dread each month.  We want to make this time of the month easier for all women.”

Faith in Femininity is always accepting donations, words of encouragement, or whatever anyone can offer. Soon, donations will be able to be made through the website. If you would like further information, click on the link below. You can also find them on Facebook (@faithinfemininity), Instagram (@faithinfemininity), and Twitter (@faithinfem).

Faith in Femininity

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