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Home for the Holiday’s

Home for the Holiday’s

December 21, 2019

Key Club

Celeste Groth

October 10, 2019

Key Club started at Lake Fenton High School around the year 2007. Since then, there have been many members who have served the community as well as the school, making Lake Fenton a better place. This school year seniors Logan ...

Life of a Student-Athlete at LFHS

Gavin Dolliver

October 10, 2019

 A student athlete’s life isn't much different from someone who doesn't play a sport. Although it can be tough at times, it can also be rewarding. Playing a sport can build strong friendships and important life skills such ...

Grab Your Popcorn and Hit the Theatres

Kylee Hager

September 30, 2019

    This years fall movie season is thrilling, dramatic, shocking, mind blowing, and more! The movies arriving to theatres will keep you on the edge of your seats! Many of the movies arriving are either sequels or prequels,...

Mama Mia comes to Lake Fenton High school

Lonna Perna

September 30, 2019

  Mama Mia comes to the stages of Lake Fenton this upcoming winter. The auditions for Mamma Mia will take place October 21-22. Mamma Mia is a musical about a young woman who is about to get married.She secretly invites 3 possible dads to ...

Fall Sports

Kerrigan Howdeshell

September 30, 2019

    The Lake Fenton High School 2019-2020 school year has officially started along with the fall sports. The JV and Varsity football team has started their season. For instance, the JV team has played Bay City John Gleen and ...

Coffee in School: Pink Drinks and Perfect A’s?

Allison Hathaway

September 30, 2019

    Coffee has become all of the hype these days. Americans all across the country drink it, whether on a school campus or in the comfort of their own home. From pumpkin spice lattes to americanos, coffee has made an enormous imp...

Summer volunteer events

Logan Shanafelt, Business Manager

June 7, 2019

For some, summer includes extravagant vacations to fascinating destinations. If you are not part of that lavish life and you want to help out your community, check out these volunteer events.   Safety Town August 2nd:  Need 8-10 volunteers t...

Business etiquette

Samantha Burtch, Co-print Editor

June 7, 2019

  Working at a fast food place can be very difficult. Keeping up with the busy lunch and dinner rushes, and having to deal with awful customers can make it ten times worse. Next time going through a drive through, or wal...

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