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Brie Newcombe
Hello, it’s Brie. This is my bio…  I am extremely awkward, laugh at my own jokes, and love food. When I’m in class I tend to keep to myself, but will occasionally voice opinions. I’m antisocial, but most people think I’m not. With people I know and are comfortable with, I will be flamboyant and colorful. With others I barely talk. I am the definition of an oxymoron.

    I own an array of the same style sweatshirts in different colors. I wear jeans everyday, hot or not. When I need to focus I’ll throw my hair into a ponytail. I have a purple fitbit that I always have on my wrist. I am really tall, often forgetting how tall, and run into low hanging objects and door frames.

    I love writing. Mostly I love writing fiction stories. Journalism, to me, is a lifestyle. It helps spread information and show off people’s talent. Another passion of mine is photography. I love to just go places and take photos. Of course you get blurry ones, but you just have to keep shooting. At some point, maybe not immediately, you will get that one picture you want to share with the world.

“This is me” - Demi Lovato, Camp Rock.


Brie Newcombe, Photographer

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